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If you expect more from your career, you came to the right place

Each person is unique, and we treat everyone accordingly
with individual care.

We offer more than job offers

We will find you several suitable positions based on your experience and suggest the best ones in terms of your career

Preparation and revision of CV

effective selection tools and targeting, methods of selection and assessment centre

We will explain the recruitment strategy

including proposals for changes, finding labor savings, etc.

We will negotiate better conditions for you

job positions, pay bands, reward system

Individual consulting

methods and evaluation systems

Option of interview test

definition and structure of competencies, assessment and position profiles

If you are looking for your dream job,
send us a message and we'll get things started together

Výborně! Zpráva byla přijata.

We are your partners in a number of European countries

Borders are not a barrier for us. With our help,
clients have found talented employees in
many European countries.

Our clients' stories

„I would highly recommend them. Their approach and care were excellent. From the time I sent my CV till I departed for Switzerland, less than three weeks went by, and I even got to choose between three offers :)“

„Quick progress, direct behavior, great attitude. I would recommend this company to everyone.“


Our company specializes in consulting in the field of human resources and the recruitment of new employees.

73301 Czech Republic
+420 603 823 200

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